Saturday, June 13, 2009

The video with Stephen Abram was interesting. He mentioned the wall of books and ability to browse, not just search for particular books or even subjects. It's a way to virtually create the experience of being in the library itself. Us oldtimers would call it being able to look at the books in shelflist order. And the books available are the ones you would see on the shelf as you are physically browsing. A real virtual library, as you virtually use the library as you would if you were in the library.

He also mentioned the word change several times. Historically libraries have been slow to change. It takes time to respond to our patrons needs. Example, I go to a local Luby's and I notice how they seem to change almost daily in response to their clients needs. Change is the word of the day.
I look forward to seeing new things.

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  1. Change can be difficult but it is inevitable isn't it? Libraries more than ever these days must be willing to change and learn in order to effectively serve our customers.