Monday, July 27, 2009

That was fun using the Magazine Creator on Big Huge Labs. I don't look too bad as a Scarecrow. This was photo from last Halloween. Librarians are not boring.
I could use this to personalize publications I use for programs, etc. It gives me lots of options to make publications fun, current and tailored to my library.
This also provides me options I can communicate to my library patrons about the tools available for their own projects.
I also played around with making wallpaper from the same image. I liked the calendar being on the wallpaper.
One thing I had trouble with was that if I clicked the back button I then had to start over. This seemed to happen if I waited too long and it timed out.
The choices are many and I can see how I could use these in my work. Pictures of the librarians and staff working at the library incorporated in publications can create another way to reach out and humanize the library experience.
I look forward to exploring all the other choices.

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