Friday, August 21, 2009


I have investigated LibWorm for a while and it's not as fun as some of the previous sites and services. The Home Page is Bland and dull. Once you get into it it's better. The Tag option gives you a quick way to see what is available and how much there is. The Subjects option is good for narrowing down what your looking for. I clicked on Reference and the first listing was for the Friday Brain Teaser from Credo Reference. This is a fun list of reference questions and it does have the answers on another link. The Feed Categories narrows them down also. For example Public Libraries. I liked the Humor option and the first one it listed was the Unshelved Strip for today.

I searched for Arlington Public Library I got 5 pages but only a few were for mine. I added Texas to it and searched exact phrase and got several entries for job openings at my library. I can see this site has a benefit of keeping up with new current news related to the Library field.

I do like the option that you don't have to register to view it. I have enough accounts as it is. This source is beneficial in keeping up with the new. I think it meets the goal of keeping us aware of whats current and new in the library field. This is a great source for links to add to my Google Reader, which I will be doing in the near future.

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