Friday, August 7, 2009


I found searching to be intersting. It sure has a little of everything. I found Arlington Reads which is affiliated with our East Branch Library. Also, there was one for Church Librarians which looked great. I've always wanted to start a library at my church, and this would help.

It seemed to me not as user friendly in searching as it could be. You seem to have to look through a lot of hits to get what you may be really looking for. For example I put in Arlington High School and it gives me 12,467 hits. Not just Arlington High school. Too Many.

I could start a group for the Book Discussion Group we have at our branch to spread the word.

It opens the world to us, as us to the world with networking.

I could also could use Facebook to promote my book discussion group also. I look forward to exploring these great resources more.

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  1. good comments; btw I am a church librarian. Please feel free to contact me about this ministry if you wish.