Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, I'm getting near the end.

I really enjoyed investigating the podcasts that are available. I am a visual learner but I also enjoy listening to books on tape, radio, etc. I can see that podcasts are very useful in enhancing the experience of patrons using library webpages. You can see what is on the site, (Text and Pictures) but the podcast brings the ear into play where the Library Speaks to it's patrons.

I looked at a variety of podcasts to find out what types are available.

The Sunnyvale Public Library had The Unreleased Beatles a book talk by the author discussing the unreleased audio and video of the Beatles. It was very intertaining and informative. It had their Decca audition from Jan 1, 1962 with Pete Best as their drummer. It sounds a lot like Paul is trying to sound like Elvis, who the Beatles were a fan of. It makes me want to find the book to learn more about this subject. Thus another use for a podcast. To make someone look for a book and read.

The Pierce County Library System had a book review of Marley and Me given by one of their reference librarians. It looks like they have a daily book review. Another idea to entice patrons to read.

The Kankakee Public Library had two podcasts I listed to. They had An Evening With Elizabeth Berg. She read from several of her books and took questions from the audience. This was of interest to me because our book discusion group has read several of her books. And there was a radio interview with David Sedaris: Bill Yohnka Show promoting his new When You Are Engulfed in Flames book. He is very funny to listen to and I enjoyed it.

The audio quality varied from site to site. So this would be a prime concern when producing these. I think we should use all options available to us to enhance the libraries ability to spread the word about what we can offer to our patrons. I can see us having Story Times posted of book readings, etc. Reference Librarians doing book reviews. Posting greetings from the Librarians promoting new services, books, programs, etc.

The library is a information institution, and we should provide information in a variety of physical formats, as well as electronic formats. I look forward to seeing our library provide this service.

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