Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Being a visual learner, I really enjoyed this particular assignment. What a life, getting paid to watch videos. I was surprised to learn we had a couple that were done by our library. "Arlington Public Library PSA-Arlington Texas" This is a one minute psa using card catalog cards in a creative way. It shows the card and then links to a visual video related to it. At the end it has a young girl reading a book. I thought this was very well done. I'm not sure who created it for us, but I liked it. It was a good way to tie the old (card Catalog) and the new video and film. Great.

Melissa Dease a librarian at our NE Branch Library has a short video she did promoting YA materials. "Arlington Public Library -YA Video Blog". I appreciate her doing this to enhance our library tools in communicating to our public. She is giving selections of YA books she is recommending adults to read. Very well done.

UTA has a short video "Mineral Well 1893-1951" that shows the mineral well that used to be in Arlington, near the current Central Library. It is narrated by Lea Worcester who works at UTA but earlier in her career she worked at the Cental Library here in Arlington. Most people are not aware of local history and this helps with that issue.

Harper College has a video "Tour of the Library" that is a humorous attempt to introduce the Library. It's funny and shows that if we don't listen to our patrons we cannot meet their needs. The main character is so full of himself, and is not aware how obnoxious he is. Being pushed around the library on a book cart was great idea. I got the message they were trying to say.

"Be quiet in the Library or else" was produced by Bear Creek High School. It's very funny. They decided to ban any noise in the library. It shows what happens to students who make any noise. They have security guards enforce the rule. Lt. Burke, Silence Enforcement Agency has some great lines. "Its like what I was born to do, you know..." "God gave me a gift and if I don't act on the gift I'm slapping God in the face." This is in reference to his enforcement practices. The funny part is they are very Loud, Yelling, trying to enforce the quiet rules. It's a great way to use humor and exaggeration to make a point. So next time you make a noise in the library be careful, Bruno, Brutus, or Steve will get you.

I think we need to use this as much as we can, because everyone else is. It could be used as a way to introduce the patrons to our library, it's services and its staff. I vote for a ban on Boring Videos, so Humor has to be included. Libraries are very funny places and we need to let the world know. Our patrons are using YouTube, and we need to be there so they can find us.

I could go on and on, but we need to be relevant, and waiting around at the library for our patrons to come to us is old school. We need to move the library out to the patrons using whatever means we have, and this is a great means.

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